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Assembled here are several tools to help owners improve their accounting practices. Our books are a great place to start. Both have been published by the AICPA; and both are written in workbook style. They include stimulating questions at the end of each chapter. For accounting practice owners looking for the latest insights, check out our podcasts to hear from thought-leaders in the industry.



Make more with less effort while improving the value of your practice.
Accountant’s Flight Plan is filled with practical, time-tested strategies designed to help you take your practice to a higher level … while enjoying your work.

Using real-world scenarios, practice owner testimonials, and written exercises, CPA and author Brannon Poe offers

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On Your Own

Going solo doesn’t have to be a game of trial and error. Careful planning can make it one of the most rewarding decisions of your accounting career. Now in its second edition and revised by author Brannon Poe, this book leads new solo practitioners through

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Need help building a world-class accounting firm? …then you’ve come to the right place for the latest insights! We have assembled interviews with some of the top thought-leaders in the industry.  You won’t want to miss hearing the incredibly valuable insights about leading an accounting practice. The podcast is also available for subscription on iTunes.

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